Home Learning Activities for Monday, April 27th to Friday, May 1st

Posted: April 26, 2020

The following are home learning activities for Monday, April 27th to Friday, May 1st:


-Students should continue to do 30 minutes of silent reading every day.

-If you don’t have books available, there are online books available on the website 

tumblebooks.com . You can log in by using the username: Harcourt123 and the password: trial.



-Students should continue to try to do 60 minutes of physical activity each day.



-Every day this week, students will work on a story or personal narrative of their choice, for 20 minutes a day.  Students should begin each of their writing pieces by creating a graphic organizer, which they will use to plan out their stories.  In their graphic organizers they should include: A list of the characters that will be in their writing piece, a description of the setting in which their story will take place, and a description of the main problem or main idea of their story.  They should then write a brief description of the the events that will take place in their story or personnel narrative.  They should start by writing a description of what happens in their introduction, followed by a brief description of the main events that will occur in their stories.  They should finish their graphic organizers by briefly describing the conclusion of their writing piece. Students should treat their graphic organizers as a rough road map to creating their writing pieces.  If they come up with ideas while writing their stories, they should feel free to alter their stories in a way that differs from what they wrote in their graphic organizers.  The organizers should simply serve as a guide to helping them write their stories.

When finished writing their stories students should go through the process of editing their writing pieces and creating a good copy.  They should first go through their stories and underline each word that they are not sure if they spelt right.  They should then look up each word in a dictionary or online dictionary to make sure that they spelt each word correctly.  Students should then read through their stories to look for any grammatical errors they might have made.  A good strategy for doing this is to read their stories aloud to listen for any parts of their story that don’t sound right.  

When students are finished editing their stories, they should begin work on a good copy.  If students end up finishing their stories or personal narratives before the end of the week they can begin work on a new writing piece.



-Every day this week students should spend 20 minutes reviewing their 9 and 10 times tables.

9 x 1 = 9                        10 x 1 = 10

9 x 2 = 18                      10 x 2 = 20

9 x 3 = 27                      10 x 3 = 30

9 x 4 = 36                      10 x 4 = 40

9 x 5 = 45                      10 x 5 = 50

9 x 6 = 54                      10 x 6 = 60

9 x 7 = 63                      10 x 7 = 70

9 x 8 = 72                      10 x 8 = 80

9 x 9 = 81                      10 x 9 = 90

9 x 10 = 90                    10 x 10 = 100

9 x 11 = 99                    10 x 11 = 110

9 x 12 = 108                  10 x 12 = 120



-Every day this week students should spend 20 minutes a day on the website DreamBox.  The url for this site is:  https://play.dreambox.com/login/knjs/q3sp .The classroom code is: 83921.  Alternatively, students could spend 20 minutes a day on the website www.abcya.com .  First, choose your grade level (4 or 5).  Then, students can choose to work on Math or Literacy activities.