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School Supply List Grade 6 EWG Immersion Program PDF icon supply_list_gr_6_immersion_ewg.pdf Jun 25, 2019
Home Phys Ed Challenge

The PE challenge is designated to do a few at a time. The number 50 is what the end result will be. You are not expected to do 50 of each. You are not expected to 50 of one at one time. This is to build up each day to see if you can hit the goal of 50 repitions by the end of the weel. You can do variations of each exercise and switch off once you reach 50 in one of the challenges.

Good Luck!!
File This is a Physical Education Chalenge Apr 15, 2020
STEM Challenges K-2 and 3-5

These are some fun activities that combine several subject areas for K-2 levels and and another section for 3-5 grade levels.

PDF icon asdn_weekly_steam_issue_4.pdf Apr 21, 2020
Phys Ed Fun

Look over and choose some activities that may interest you and your family.

PDF icon k2-activecalendar-week5_1.pdf May 4, 2020

Ignore the grade level as ypu might change a few things and modify a game to suit your own needs.

PDF icon 6-8-activecalendar-week5.pdf May 4, 2020

A calendar to help you challenge yourself for the month.

PDF icon moving_with_purpose_calendar_may_1.pdf May 4, 2020
STEAM for the week

More fun activities for you to challenge yourselves this week! Enjoy!

PDF icon asdn_weekly_steam_issue_7.pdf May 19, 2020
Mental Health

Good afternoon!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

I am attaching the information on John Fletcher’s on-line session for parents/guardians, taking place this Thursday.  There has been a lot of positive feedback on the sessions, and we thought offering it to parents/guardians may be helpful.


PDF icon Interesting and helpful session by John Fletcher to help us with coping May 19, 2020
2019/2020 School Year PDF icon Important Notice from the Department of Education. Memo May 29, 2020
School Supply Lists 2020-2021 Grades K-1-2 File supply_list_k-1-2_20-21.docx Other Jun 18, 2020
School Supply List 2020-2021 Grade 3 File supply_list_grade_3_20-21.docx Jun 18, 2020
School Supply List 2020-2021 Grades 4-5 Microsoft Office document icon supply_list_gr_4-5_20-21.doc Jun 18, 2020
Rick Hansen "Make a Difference" Award File student_difference_maker_2019.docx Jun 26, 2020
Covid 19 Operational Plan File covid_operational_plan_harcourt.docx Sep 4, 2020
Parent Checklist PDF icon covid19_parent_checklist.pdf Sep 4, 2020
Operational Plans. PDF icon covid_asd-n_school_operational_plans_1.pdf Sep 4, 2020
Orange Shirt Day

Wednesday, September 30th we will celebrate Orange Shirt Day at Harcourt School. Please take a few minutes to review the document that has been posted so that if you choose, you may discuss the significance of this day with your child.

File orange_shirt_day_k-4_2018.pptx Sep 24, 2020
School Supply Lists 2021-2022 File Grades K-1-2 Jun 25, 2021
School Supply List 2021-2022 Microsoft Office document icon Grades 3-4-5 Jun 25, 2021
School Supply List 2021-2022 EWG PDF icon Grade 6 EWG Jun 25, 2021


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