Posted: October 14, 2020

Good evening Harcourt Families. 

As you know, we are in the Orange Phase of Covid protection in the Kent Region that includes our school. You have done a wonderful job as per usual, making sure that your children are prepared for the demands of such an unprecedented time! Tuesday morning, it was very gratifying to see all our children getting off the bus wearing their masks. 

As you know, asking young children to wear a mask for the better part of their day is challenging. It can be uncomfortable and after a while, soggy. We have a small surplus of masks here at the school that we are presently using to supplement for students who lose their masks, get them dirty, or forget them at school or in their back packs. 

It is our goal to have the children change their masks after recess each day. This will ensure that once they are in from running around and playing, that they have a clean, hygienic mask to wear for the remainder of the day.  

I am asking two things of you: First, if you have not already done this; please include an extra mask so that the children will have a comfortable, clean mask to wear for the better part of each day. We will do our best to give masks to children who need an extra one, but our supplies are small, and we will run out in a brief period if we must give a mask to every child, every day. 

Secondly, it is particularly important that you wash your child's masks daily. It is of little benefit to your child to wear a mask that may be filled with the ruminants of runny noses, dust, food particles, and whatever else may be floating in our environment.  

Hopefully, this phase will be only short lived, and we will be back to our little Harcourt bubble before long.  

Thank you for your continued support!