Magnetic Investigations

Posted: June 14, 2016

We've (2-3s) been working on the Invisble Forces unit and focusing on magnetism. There were 6 stations and at each station the kids had to investigate, observe and play with magnets! 

  • Station 1, they had to determine which items were attracted to the magnet and which were not. They then had to figure out why this was so.
  • Station 2: They had to test if magnetic attraction can go through thick and thin material. They were learning about the magnetic field.
  • Station 3: They had to create a train of magnets  by sticking the magnets to each other. They quickly relized that magnets only stick to each other in a certain way.
  • Station 4: (My all time favorite!) Students had to figure out how to make the magnets float on top of each other!
  • Station 5: They had to determine which part of the magnet was the strongest.
  • Station 6: They had to create a compass! 

We used a file from Teachers Pay Teachers to keep all our notes and observations! Check out the gallery for more amazing pictures!