Covid 19 Update

Posted: January 26, 2021




To:                   All Parents


From:               Mark Donovan


                        Anglophone School District - North


Re:                   Covid-19 Update (Lock Down/Red/Orange)


As most of you know, in the past two weeks our province has been dealing with an increase of Covid-19 cases in many regions. The education system continues to work very closely with Public Health during this time and follows their directives.


It is important to take this opportunity to clarify some key points that have been raised regarding the different phases of recovery:


1.      Lock Down Phase


Currently, only schools in Health Region 4 (northwest New Brunswick) are in the Lockdown Phase. A number of other schools in Health Region 3 (Perth-Andover and Plaster Rock areas) are also closed, due to operational issues.


When schools are closed during the Lockdown phase, students do not report to school and learning is done virtually.


2.      Orange and Red Phase


All schools remain open and students are expected to attend as normal, unless there is a doctor’s note indicating that a student is vulnerable.


If parents choose to keep a student home, when schools are open, there is no expectation for teachers to provide work for the student.


3.      Student Attendance


Parents/guardians who decide to keep their children home, while schools remain open, are also advised that the student will be marked absent.




4.      Potential School/Classroom Closures During Red/Orange Phase


In the event that replacement staff, i.e. supply teachers, cannot be found, a classroom or school may need to close, simply because there are not enough staff to operate the class/building. If this occurs, messaging will be sent to parents by the school administration.


In these instances, learning will continue virtually for affected students.


5.      High Schools


Second semester will begin next week for all high schools. Parents/students are asked to watch for a follow-up memo that will be sent out later this week with detailed guidelines/expectations for high schools next semester.


Thank you for your support and understanding.