21st Century Teaching and Learning w/ Mark Cheverton

Posted: November 6, 2015

Last Spring, students at Harcourt School received a Skype call from Mark Cheverton. He is the author of the Minecraft Series books. You can find out more about his books at http://markcheverton.com/ That afternoon students at Harcourt listened and talked to Mr. Cheverton. He addressed different issues including cyberbullying. Students also took turns asking Mr. Cheverton questions about his books, his Minecraft servers, etc. Since then, Principal Kevin Scully has been in contact with Mr. Cheverton. Mr. Cheverton has sent us signed copies of his books with a personal message to Harcourt School. He has sent us bookmarks, autographed posters and lesson plans for the teacher to use to make best use of his books. He has also allowed one of our students to join his personal server to play Minecraft with Mr. Cheverton and his son Gameknight999, which is the main character of his books. There are children from all around the world that Mr. Cheverton invites to play on his personal server, where he teaches the value of building on Minecraft and not destroying the work of others. Mr. Cheverton is an advocate for cyber safety and requires the parents of the children with whom he invited to play on his personal server, to contact him directly for permission for to join the activities. He is interested in expanding his contacts with other elementary schools in Anglophone North. For more information about this please contact Kevin Scully.