Winter Carnival STEM Fun

Posted: March 11, 2017

During winter carnival week we held a school wide STEM bridge building challenge. The kids were divided into groups, handed a basket full of materials and a task card. Their task was to build a bridge that crossed a 1/2 meter span and be strong enough to hold a toy truck carrying a cup full of 100 pennies. They had one hour to complete the task. Teachers were only there to facilitate, supervise and instructed not to help in anyway. They kids had to collaborate, do a little problem solving and develop a plan together. Then, they had to create blue prints and draw out their plan before constructing the bridges. With only moments left on the timer, every group was able to complete the construction of their bridges and when it came time to test the strength of their creation... every group accomplished their goal! It was a great afternoon and the kids had fun while learning!