Spot new vegetation

Posted: May 11, 2020

It's time to go outdoors and look for new vegetation growth. Your challenge is to go outside and spot new growth-it could be in a garden, under leaves; pull old dead grass away and see what you find...Once you find some growth, take nots of how different elements (wind, rain, snow, warmth, and cold) affect the vegetation growth.

Here, Hailey and Aven have decided to plant their own indoor garden and observe there. They will not be able to see how wind, rain, sun and cold affect their plant's growth. However, they will be able to see how water and light affect the growth of their plants. It might be interesting to separate several of the plants and do a study to see how one plant will grow differently if only watered every third day. Keep one in the sunlight from a window and the other one away from the direct sunlight...