Resurgo Place and Centennial Park field Trip

Posted: June 8, 2016

Resurgo Place

The students of Harcourt School enjoyed an informative, fun and challenging day at Resurgo Place. We started our day by making a brief stop at Centennial Park to eat lunch and we even had a chance to play on the equipment!

We descovered many previously unknown facts about jet-fuel and plastics; albertite (which led to the name of Albert County) and that Mr. K. Scully is actually  "old" enough to have had several similer types of the desplayed artifacts at home as part of his everyday life when growing up...

The hands-on activities were of particular interest to our students as they simulated flying airplanes, experienced how wind tunnels work, raced vehicles, sailed ships, built toys and made parachutes and paper airplanes!

A great learning day was experienced by everyone!