Life Math Class

Posted: June 3, 2016

Life Math

As part of the School Improvement Plan for 2015-16, teachers developed a Math strategy that would be authentic and realistic for their students. Once each week, students would learn teh value of money and how to earn, save and spend on essential items (bill payments, work to earn money, and non-essential things). Ms Dedam decided that she would open a store and price each iten with a money value. The students were permitted to look over the tanble of items and decide what they wanted to buy. Once they decided the item they wanted, they had to figure out the total by combining the coins they were given. The students were encouraged to give Ms. Dedam, Ms. Richer and Ms. Whalen, more than the listed price and then they had to figure out if they were indeed given the correct change after purchase.

The next phase of this plan is to have the students plan an art project. In the planning they will purchase materials for teh project, estimate the cost in terms of hours (cost for their time) and come up ith a value for their product for sale. They will need to cover their cost in terms of time and materials, and be able to make a profit. They will have to take into account "over and under pricing" their items.