Carnival 2016

Posted: March 23, 2016

Sleigh Rides in Galloway

The Five Day Winter Carnival for Harcourt School for 2016, consisted of several very fun-filled days of activity. We started our carnival by visiting Walsh Sleigh Rides which is situated in Galloway. Mr. Ronnie Walsh provided our students, staff and parents with thrilling rides through the beautiful trails in Galloway. We were introduced to his two very gentil Clysdale Horses who effortlessly pulled us through the snow.

While waiting for their turns, students used snowshoes and cross-country skis, while others built forts and some even had a snow-fight with the "younger Mr. Scully" and they came out victorious!

We proceeded to Eleanor Graham School where we ate our lunches and warmed up before venturing to St Charles where we made great use of the huge hill there for a wonderful afternoon of sliding, hot chocolate and snacks.Day one was a great success!

(More pictures may be found in the photo gallery)